Patent Pending Technology

At the heart of Reach is a series of fun and engaging virtual reality games designed to increase range of motion, reduce pain, and help you get back to the activities you enjoy. The Reach VR system uses innovative technologies to track motion and identify shoulder impairments. Once you have completed a Reach assessment, the system’s adaptive algorithms will generate exercises designed to increase your shoulder strength and range of motion.

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Volume of Motion Longitudinal Reports

As you participate in Reach experiences, your progress is tracked in longitudinal volume of motion charts. Pan, zoom, and gain insight on your journey to better shoulder health.


Volume of Motion Session Reports

Fire up your 3-dimensional session report to view precise motion data. See what Reach targets you have hit, and which you have missed.


Velocity Reports (Coming Soon)

Soon, the Reach system will support velocity reports, which help you identify VR experiences that best motivate accuracy and agility.